A while back we visited the Antikapratika studio in Prenzlauerberg. After receiving a warm Italian welcome by Ivan and Marta their snorting French Bulldog, Korny, we already knew this would be an enjoyable interaction. Both being tattoo artists and illustrators, they decided back in 2003 to create Antikapratika, their joint label. After initially specialising in tattoo design, they’ve moved on to designing engraved tools, ceramics, wood carving prints and clothing. Their home studio has a working space for illustration and handmade ceramic production – they do it all themselves – as well as lots of space to relax and discuss ideas. We took the opportunity to ask them a few questions about how they got started and what their plans are for the future.


F: How did you end up in Berlin?

I: We travelled all around Europe a lot for the last four or five years, and then we tried to start our project in Italy, but it didn’t work. In the end, a friend of ours (Yvonne from Blut und Eisen) asked me to join them and then we tried to go to Berlin and see what happens..


 F: What are the biggest challenges being in Berlin compared to Italy?
M: To learn German.. The bureaucracy is easy compared to Italy.


F: How did the collaboration happen between you two? 
M: We’ve been together for 20 years – as  couple. Then after a few years he decided he wanted to start tattooing and I gave him his first machine and colour- which was really difficult. We had no internet at that time-nothing. You had to do everything yourself. Nobody was selling anything. It was around 1998 so internet was just beginning but completely different from now. After some months he found an apprentice in a tattoo shop and he worked for one year, just drawing, drawing, drawing. Cleaning things, preparing needles for the others and so on. I was working doing something completely different- in tourism. Then he decided we would travel for 6 months with an old camper van around Europe. After four months we ended up in London – the camper broke down and I don’t know how, but we started working with Thomas Hooper – (a now renowned tattoo artist). Then we went back to Italy and opened a shop. I slowly started to watch him and started learning drawing and painting. In 2009 we closed the shop and came to Berlin for the first time.


F: How does the product design work?
I: We both do it.
M: I did all the shape – which was really rough – all the molds and everything. For the designs we work together. We both draw and choose together, and then we paint.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 18.14.26

F: What’s the next step for you?
M: Improving. I want to make it more refined. 


F: What kind of arts or hobbies did you have as you were a child? Did you like drawing?
I: Yeah, I was always drawing. 
M: No, it was in me but it never came out until I met Ivan..I always liked to cook. I was the youngest and my sister was very creative and I was a bit shy. 


F:What are you most afraid of?
M: Spiders
I: There are so many things that I get scared of..High Water..
M: Butterflies.. 
 F: ..Butterflies?
I: I’m not scared of butterflies..I like the shape, I like the colour but when you tocuh them and they have this powder on the wings.. or when they fly onto your hand..


F:If you were reincarnated what would you come back as?
 I: A rock star..
M: A queen of course.. 
 Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 18.10.52
F: How about an animal?
I: A dog.. or fox..
M: A dog .. or a tiger.. 


F: What advice would you give someone trying to start a project in Berlin?
M&I: Love what you do. Love what your doing as much as you can.
Have patience and believe in what your doing, and don’t do things for just for money.


Keep updated on Antikapratika’s Facebook page.

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