Last month the third Berlin Feminist Film Week took place, celebrating its opening night in tandem with International Women’s Day. The program highlights the lack of diversity within the film industry and attempts to provide a platform for more on-screen perspectives by dedicating one week to watching films made by and about women and queer people. The program covers many different genres such as sci-fi, drama, comedy, and documentaries that touch upon topics including: the body positivist movement, the challenges women face in coding, queer people of color, periods, activists, and feminist icons.

In the majority of all movies currently shown in cinemas around the world, women play the supporting role – behind, as well as in front of the camera. We want to put forward female filmmakers and films dealing with women in general, films in which women are portrayed as active rather than passive, in which women play the leading role and movies in which women are as interesting and diverse as in real life. Same goes for women and people of color, LQBTQ*-characters and non-middle-class characters.”

The BFFW took place at various venues around Berlin, such as Babylon, Moviemento, Sputnik, and ACUD Macht Neu. We personally attended opening night, which included two screenings: Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights and feature film Advantageous. In-between films Nadia Buyse, aka DUBAIS, performed her inspiring lo-fi bedroom pop music project followed by a discussion regarding anti oppressive structures in the film industry and how this is being incorporated into an on-going queer sci-fi film project led by Maude from the Swarm of Selenium Collective. Each night flaunted an impressive range of events, one of our favourites being a night dedicated to watching and discussing lesbian representation in cinema at SchwuZ. Both the short and feature film portrayed disruptive voices within mainstream cinema and the panelists and moderators hosted an inspiring discussion to wrap things up. 

We are already looking forward to next years BFFW.

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