I’m sure you’ve heard us mention Better Person before; for instance, when he played with TOPS last May, the various shows he’s performed at over the past year and most recently, his release of his debut album. The path of this kind soul, traditionally known as Adam Byczkowski, has been a treat to observe. The combination of raw talent, sentiment and vulnerability is something to be recognised. Last week we celebrated with Adam as he ushered in his first LP, It’s Only You, an accomplishment that was well received and appreciated by his peers and fans alike. Towards the end of the night, he was joined on stage by former tour-mate and comrade Sean Nicholas Savage for a heartfelt duet, sending him off to tour on his own, starting today. We thought this would be the perfect chance to get to know Adam a bit better, as a person.

F: How are you feeling right now?

A: Right now I feel very very tired. I just woke up and I can feel all the drinks from last night. I think I’m a little sick as well, slightly feverish, headache. But I’m alive, breathing, sitting on my bed.

F: What’s your earliest memory?

A: When I was a child I used to confuse my very realistic dreams about everyday things with real life, it used to be (or still is?) a big problem. So right now it’s really hard for me to tell if all the little stories I remember were real or not. I once started talking about my early childhood with my parents and it turned out that quite a few of my memories from that time were just not real.

F: Are you superstitious? If so, examples please:

A: I have a funny sentimental attachment to old polish superstitions, like every time I see a chimney sweeper I put my finger on the button on my pants, make a wish and and hold the finger there until I see a man wearing glasses. But I’m also a slave to the eyelash wishes, falling star wishes, not stepping on the cracks (only when i’m stressed out) and many more.

F: In what way is this album important to you?

A:  Well, It’s a collection of songs I wrote at a certain period of my life. Each one of those songs represents a certain story or feeling I had at the time. But mostly it’s important to me because it’s the first official Better Person release, my first “solo” thing. Which elements are essential in creating the emotional subcurrent in your music? I’d say the songwriting itself. And singing, the vocal delivery.

F: Are you you sentimental? If so, name an item that’s the most sentimental to you:

A: Yes, I think that I’m extremely sentimental but maybe not so much about items or objects. The things that make me yearn are less perceptible. Smells, situations. The strongest, most moving feeling is when I’m walking somewhere (or even opening my window, standing outside) and the air smells like something from the past, something elusive, hard to describe. It can be a smell of change, a smell of a place, city, a situation. I try not to get too attached to objects although I do have a strong sentiment towards some pieces of clothing that I own.

F: If you could be a musician in any era when/where would it be?

A: 2016, Berlin.

F: In which setting do you feel most comfortable?

A: It’s really hard for me to feel fully comfortable, there is always something that makes me at least a little worried. But maybe, lets say around friends, intoxicated. Or at home.

F: What’s your favourite comfort food?

A: I try to eat only exclusively comfort food, and only my favourite things and the list is quite long but I think I’m gonna go for pizza. It never gets boring.