The exhibition opening at KOW gallery this evening will be particularly interesting for anyone interested in film and visual art;  video artist Clemens von Wedemeyer will introduce his most recent exhibition, Cast Behind You The Bones Of Your Mother.  He graduated from Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig where he was studying fine arts. His films often encompass multiple storylines and viewpoints, adopting both cinematic and documentary conventions, screened in architectural installations. In combining the styles of video, television, and cinema, the artist seeks to create the necessary distance between criticism and the camera as a powerful tool of mystification. As a German artist and filmmaker, he often raises difficult subjects relating to German history by creating a web between fact and fiction, focusing around the notion of “first contact.” He oscillates between historical truth and storytelling investigating the subjective gaze, using both documentary and fiction. One thing that stands out from his installations is that audience has often the impression that something is wrong, that the camera record was infiltrated and the question arises: whether it really happened or not? His show is the eighth and final chapter in KOW’s yearlong program titled One Year of Filmmakers (read more about that here) and contains installations:

A Recovered Bone (2014),

The Beginning. Living Figures Dying (2013)

Afterimage (2013)

Procession: The Cast (2013)

The exhibition opens on December 18th at 1800 and will last until February  27th, 2016.

For more information about Clemens von Wedemeyer’s work visit here and here.