The latest offering from Nicholas Jaar and Dave Harrington – otherwise known as Darkside, is the perfect addition to apathetic autumn days. Their debut album, Psychic, combines sheer talent, sultry vocals, and the addition of live guitar – a mostly new concept which is proving to be huge. The past few months has been pretty exciting for these two, after releasing Daftside (Daft Punk’s entire Random Access Memories album remixed) and recently embarking on a North American tour, they have already seen huge success. This isn’t a new concept for Nicolas Jaar, which is shown by the seemingly effortless vocals, and apparent talent shown in virtually every song he produces.
Minimalism at it’s finest. Watch below to see the two preform ‘Freak, Go Home’ at BBC Radio 1.
Psychic was released earlier this month of Other People/ Matador Records.