Dorit Bialer, an Israeli artist and designer, has been living in Berlin since 2009 and focusing 
on creating infographics, typography and illustrations. 
Aside from this, she has also been known to do in house-work for organizations who promote social issues like equality, ecological responsibility and human rights efforts. 
In 2011 Dorit designed a series of named ‘The Berliners’, consisting of toys in boxes which all have particular characters or cliches of ‘Berliners’. 
They range from ‘the unpaid intern’ to the ‘depressed Aldi worker’ and also include other well-known personas like the ‘starving artist’ and ‘Friedrichshain punks’. Transforming otherwise overlooked characters into real life action figures, she has created something truly original. Following the Berliner In a Box series, Dorit made customized options available so you make a mini-mini or a box including whichever characters you desire. 
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View the complete Berliners In A Box series here.