Up until their most recent show at CTM Festival, Berlin-based duo Easter had not performed live here since 2014. That being said, Stine Omar and Max Boss are readily accessible within the Internet realm. ‘Ask softesthard a question’ is an online forum where anyone can send in their curiosities for Stine and Max to answer. You begin to get a sense of the duo’s personas, such as their unconcerned attitudes towards labels evident in their response to ones inquiries regarding preferred pronouns as ‘irrelevant.’ This attitude has likely contributed to how Easter’s pop music project has been described as ‘post-human’ or ‘post-gender’. Moreover, Stine has commented on her personal fascination with the ability to create multiple selves and co-existing identities in Internet space, a facet of contemporary life many of us are familiar with.

The duo has self-released four albums to date, including: Ur A Great Babe, The Softest Hard, New Cuisine Pt. 1, and Beige Eyes-The Mixtape. Stine and Max are currently working on New Cuisine Pt. 2, which we learned while catching up with them during CTM Festival. You can read our interview with Stine and Max below:

F: Which artist(s) are you listening to most at the moment?

M: Doron Sadja

S: Bangla Remix

F: Is there a certain song from one of your albums that has a particularly special meaning to you? If so, which one?

M: EvFL NYC, because it was like the complicated birth of a beautiful thing.

S: Wok At Ur Show from new cuisine pt.1 because it’s the love song I always wanted to write

F: Can you tell us about Psychobitch and what experiences inspired the writing of the song?

S: The struggle was real. It was never romantic. The whole thing had me develop some severe anxiety but it helped write the song and knowing the bitch in question is also getting help

F: Are you currently working on releasing a full-length EP?

E: We re waiting for spring to heat this fucker up so we can make some tracks and release New Cuisine Pt. 2!

F: What other projects are you involved with aside from Easter?

E: EJP is the powerhouse of all we do. We recently finished season 1 of our video series Sadness is An Evil Gas Inside of Me that will be touring the world this year

F: Are you a morning person? If so, what is your typical breakfast/morning ritual?

M: Constantly trying to maintain an early rise, taking a swim with my crab breeding, 7200 reps on the jump rope, a walk in the park, power breakfast.

S: I run my friend who is a dog Papi around the park and then we have dinner for breakfast. Real savoury. And champagne

F: Did you have nicknames as a child?

M: He who must not be named

S: Superstine

F: If you were a dog, which breed would you be?

S: St Bernhard

M: Poodle


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