Until next weekend, Berlin Art Week is hosting an array  of international artists, curators and other art aficionados. The event takes place at several locations around the city, ranging from parties, exhibitions, and talks to art fairs and film screenings. We thought it might be useful to include some recommendations for the upcoming week about what’s worth checking out around the city. 


RÄUME Finissage

Incident by HC

Korakrit Arunanondchai: “Forest of My Dead Cells” Exhibition

The End of the 9th Berlin Biennale

Black Cracker: Mirror Test 2

Berlin Art Week Exhibition: “50 Contemporary Artists” Vernissage

Opening: New Studio Picknick + Lips (woman reading)

Roman Signer | abc – art berlin contemporary

9th Edition – abc art berlin contemporary 2016

Berlin Art Week: Erwin Wurm at abc – art berlin contemporary

Joanna Rajkowska at abc art berlincontemporary

Lynne Margaret Brown, 2016, Video Portraits – North To South Berliner Voices

Positions Berlin Art Fair 2016


on until 18.09

Raw Desires: Brutalism and Violent Structures

until 30th september


Good bye Art Week! Finissage LAGE EGAL ‘The Book as an Artwork…’

Anne Imhof. Angst II: Aufführungsvariation / Performance variation


Anne Imhof. Angst II: Aufführungsvariation / Performance variation

Openhaus 22/09/2016

Eröffnung / Opening “Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Hieroglyphen”

From Moscow with Love

Surrealism and Hungarian Folksong


PORN Dimension by Pornceptual | Berlin


Designer Messe Berlin 2016

 – FIN –