Recently I had a lovely chat with Marc van der Holst of Spilt Milk in his new house, and we talked about outdoor barbeques, side-projects, and of course.. the band.

F A M E: How did the band come to be, and who’s involved?
Marc: Well we’ve been through numerable classic line-ups, but we made our first tape in May 2010, and that’s when Brenda started singing with the Milk. And then nowadays there’s Daan who plays lead guitar, Jan-Pieter who plays bass and Shane on drums. And sometimes Leo or Ben on drums, Shane’s a very busy man, man. Oh and I also play guitar.. and try to sing sometimes. And we have a part-time bassist, Casper. It’s complicated -wink-
F A M E: Are you planning on touring?
Marc: No. But Subbacultcha! is planning on us touring, I think. I hope. We love to play.
F A M E: Do you have any side-projects?
Marc: Yeah we all have side-projects. I play drums for Hospital Bombers and my old grunge band. Jan-Pieter also plays bass for the Bombers and drums in this band that keeps changing their name, and writes really good songs himself.. Brenda sometimes sings with this band from Groningen called My Friend Television. And Daan also has a solo project. He also writes really good songs, in dutch. Oh, and I have this thing where I play songs of Gerard Reve’s, that’s called The Avonden.
F A M E: How did you get involved with Subbacultcha!
Marc: Well, I’ve known a lot of the people involved there for a very long time, so we go way back. Good times.

F A M E: Where does the band get its inspiration from?

Marc: Old stuff… 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, 60’s girl groups, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, of course the Velvet Underground.. I love, love, love Lou Reed, and I like our drummers to play like Moe Tucker. We all love Nico’s solo stuff too. But actually our first “real” record, which will be out on Subbacultcha! end of august, has some of this stoner band Sleep influences. We were listening to their album Dopesmoker a lot when we were recording.
F A M E:Do you think that the Amsterdam scene has been essential to your success?
Marc:No. We used to feel a bit out of place here actually.. We love the people, but we make a kind of old-fashioned drone-folk, so.. And I don’t know about “success”, anyway… Somebody please send us money!
F A M E:How did it feel playing at Incubate?
Marc: Well I wasn’t there, but apparently it was really nice. This great singer-songwriter named Uinko Eerenstein filled in for me, while I was in New York mixing with Hospital Bombers.
F A M E: Are there any events coming up that your excited about?
Marc: Well, we got invited to play at the Crossing Border Festival this year, and the Museumnacht, the Noorderzon and Magneet festivals, so that’s all pretty cool..but every gig is exciting.
F A M E: Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?
Marc: Well me and part-time Spilt Milk drummer Leo of De Drie Dieren are thinking of doing some Lou Reed covers. Like, get over it, you know? Why not instead of rewriting his wongs, play the actual songs themselves. Also I would love to have some free jazz saxophone on a Spilt Milk record sometime. That has been a longtime dream of mine. So, John Coltrane, please give us a call.