Tomorrow is the annual celebration Fete de la Musique. Since 1982, the free music festival has dedicated itself to the sounds of spontaneity and summer exuberance. It is a chance to dance free and enjoy listening to music around Berlin.

The festival is going on throughout the city from the afternoon onwards. Here is a map of all of the stages participating tomorrow. Each venue will host multiple artists, ensuring diversity in genre. Artists will play techno, punk, rock and indie, as well as tango, country and psychedelic folk. Fete de la Musique is for all types of audiences throughout Berlin. Based on the range of sound, young and old will find something they enjoy.

The festival’s free entry encourages people to discover new sounds and challenge their expectations for music. The festival was created by French culture minister Jack Lang in order to inspire musicians to get out and express themselves. Since its beginnings, Fete de la Musique has spread to cities around the world.

A range of artists will perform tomorrow. Red Bull Music Academy stage is hosting American rapper Lil B as well as Dj Rafik. Also in Prenzlauer Berg is Kesselhaus, playing some French new wave techno beats. In Neuköln, Martin Luther Church will host a variety of musicians from Syria, Lebanon and a even a group choosing not to be identified by borders. Projekt Guzu is the last performance in the venue’s program and should offer an interesting sound to the evening’s world music offering.

Fete de la Nuit will be the nighttime continuation of the day’s festivities. Beginning at 22:00, clubs around the city will host late night music. Ipse, Junction Bar, and AVA are amongst the venues hosting live music.

We are excited to attend this widely celebrated event. It is a fantastic opportunity to hear free music and dance alongside your fellow Berliners. Here is a listing of the full program. RSVP here