Tomorrow night at Agora there will be a very special film night featuring two screenings – God is Not Working On Sunday! and Polyglot. Entry will be a minimum donation of €3 and be donated  to C/O Berlin‘s project: Creative Class for Young Refugees

Polyglot is a fictional web series by Amelia Umuhire focused on rapper/poet Babiche Papaya and others as they try to find their place in Berlin. The latest episode ‘My Own’ will be shown. The series won awards at both Webfest Berlin and Geneva International Film Festival. The second screening of the evening, God is Not Working On Sunday!, is a documentary by Leona Goldstein which follows the lives of two Rwandan women, Godeliève and Florida. In the wake of twenty years of genocide in Rwanda, the country has risen as one of the most progressive countries of Africa – leading the world with the first parliament ruled by a female majority, steady economical growth, innovation in technology  and much more. All of this is quite impressive, considering previously women’s speech was confined to the demands of her husband. The film narrates the current situation of Rwandan women and the country’s leaders. The documentary also won best film award at MIC Genero International Film Festival Mexico.

Here’s a bit more about the film:

God Is Not Working On Sunday! follows the life of Godeliève and Florida. Despite their divided histories, these women are struggling for a common goal: Breaking the silence, reconciliation, and political empowerment for women. We follow Godeliève and Florida organizing self-empowerment trainings for women to confront patriarchal structures; to the rural area, where the new generation of children born out of rape are redefining their identities, facing a life shoulder to shoulder with the murderers of their families, their fathers. And where more and more women decide to break the silence and speak out.

View more about Polyglot here.

More about God is not working on Sunday! here.

18.30 /  Doors open
19.00 / Polyglot: My Own
19.15 / Break
19.30 / God is not working on Sunday!
21.00 / Drinks & talk with director Leona Goldstein and producer Veronika Janatkova (God is not working on Sunday!)
22.00 / End