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It’s come to be that time of year again, yes, it’s summer. The time of floating around the city, loitering beside the canal in the hazy summer air, engaging in various reunions and gatherings has come and to top it all off, 48 Stunden Neukölln is here. Starting this Friday, one of the city’s most interesting art and culture festivals will begin, lining up a selection of exhibitions, events, installations and projects to be observed in one of the most culturally significant areas – Neukölln. Local and international artists from all over will take part, offering anyone to take part in the program and open ateliers throughout the borough. Needless to say, the festival runs for 48 hours and will also feature a second program of Young Art, including a selection of local youth who will exhibit their works through interdisciplinary projects, exhibitions, interventions, films and theatre performances. Besides that, music will be heavily supported with a music boat or ‘musikschiff’ which will tour around the canal and feature several artists throughout the festival. This year’s theme will be ‘Message in a Bottle’ and you can board the boat at Wildenbruchbrücke, costing 2€ for entrance, although the concerts themselves are free.

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