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The ever-developing Flemish architecture scene is one to behold. Given the modest size of the country, their work ethic seems to involve an extremely determined and somewhat defiant approach compared to their foreign counterparts. What makes the Vlaams so interesting is the incorporation of  blatant inhibition, which translates into realizing innovative takes on old ideas. The mixture of tradition, experimentation and professional discipline could also be elements of this condition. Coming to terms with their environment, seems to be the only was possible to cope.

This Thursday at Kunst-Werk Institute, ARCH+ will create a focal point, featuring contemporary architecture from the Flemish region. The theme ‘Reinventing the Flemish Architecture’ will be celebrated, along with the attendance of  guests de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, 51N4E, and Christoph Grafe, the head of the Flemish Architecture Institute. Lectures and discussions will be held English, plus Christoph Grafe will propose the reasons for the current success of the Flemish architecture.

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