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 Food and art can often be intertwined into a symbiosis involving creativity, technique, imagination and passion. For and entire week starting this Friday, Berlin Food Art Week celebrates this connection with events at art spaces, restaurants, cafes and galleries. Realized by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, the week will focus on the connection between food and culinary arts with modern and contemporary art. Exhibitions, workshops, performances, guided tours and food tastings are all included, along with culinary and social performances, lectures and installations. Workshops such as ‘Topography of Flavors’, ‘Making Edible Art’, ‘Veggie Portrait’ and ‘Tales of Taste’ are offered among many other intriguing experiences and alternatives. For example, the intimate group tour (up to 15 people) includes a selection of three to five galleries and art spaces with (or without) a unique dining experience and wine pairing.

Venue partners are all over the city, including:

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

HB55 Kunstfabrik

Central Berlin,

Agora Collective,



Culinary Misfits

NR Project

Neue Heimat

Dahlem Museum


Art Laboratory Berlin

and more.

Berlin Food Art Week is supported by:

Märkisches Landbrot
Rheinsberger PreussenQuelle
Lemonaid/ ChariTea
Central Berlin
Ômina Romana
Kinokio Films

and media partners:
Flavour Magazin
Berlin Loves You

The official opening will be on Friday June 19th from 1030-1330 at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

Berlin Food Art Week runs from 19th to 26th June 2015, for more info and scheduling visit here.

Space is limited (since lots of events are free) so buy/reserve tickets here.

RSVP and share here.