Tomorrow evening will be the return of the Staatsballet production of Giselle, a classic French ballet choreographed by Patrice Bart (based on the original by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot) accompanied by a score by Adolphe Adam.
Set in Autumn during the Middle Ages in Rhineland, a beautiful young pheasant girl named Giselle falls in love with a disguised nobleman trying to sow his last wild oats before marrying a princess. Eventually discovering that she has been deceived by him and overridden with grief and anger, she dies of a broken heart. After this devastating escapade, a group of supernatural women (who haunt the forest at night and force men to dance until their inescapable death) conjure up a plan to take revenge on Giselle’s lost lover. After he’s forced to dance until sunrise, the strength of her love for him prevails through the feelings of hatred and vengeance, breaking the spell and allowing Giselle to return to her grave to rest in peace. Traditional esthetics are complimented by Peter Farmer’s set design, re-creating a timeless romantic ballet.
Giselle will be shown from now until February at the Staatsoper in the Schiller Theatre.
For more information about performances and dates of Giselle, visit here.