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Los Angeles-based band , HEALTH, returns to Berghain tomorrow evening for the fourth show of their European tour. Since their breakout track “Crimewave” with Crystal Castles in 2007, HEALTH has just released their 3rd full length album, rightfully named DEATH MAGIC. The instrumentals are dark and ear-splitting; the vocals intoxicating and ghosty, which all the more demands to be experienced from Berghain’s massive sound system. Often flourishing in remix form, their latest releases have been described as industrial disco, pop and  experimental noise – making it difficult to cast them into one genre. This album seems to take a bold step forward, confirming how complex and flexible the band can be.
After briefly touring the US in September, HEALTH have begun a tour around Europe and the UK, and will return for a full American tour with dark-wave artist Pictureplane. Unfortunately HEALTH will venture out on their own for this leg of the tour, as they announced that their support (Lee Brannon) will not appear due to a family emergency. If Pictureplane is something you’re into, you can also catch him at Urban Spree on November 7th.

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Check out HEALTH’s video for “STONEFISH” below: