Next week the lovely deviant voice of Jessica Pratt will be encircling us at Grüner Salon. Jessica Pratt holds her feelings in waved echoes of emotion, from here we can be submerged in sighs and wonder of the secret splendored heart that Jessica transcends within her music. Her new single “Back Baby” is something to be heard over and over again, like the ticker of a heart. The new album released on Drag City in January, On Your Own Love Again, is a work of art that has her whole essence weaved throughout. Intertwining 1960’s folk and jazz influences, her sound is filled with coo’s and dizzying self-harmonies.  The album was recorded at home, revealing genuine lyrics and notes that are filled with a time of changing indiffereneces in one’s mysterious mind. Jessica’s dreamy folk-esc demeanour has a sound of it’s own, that one can only find in true-blue solitude.  Join us to wallow and relish into the sinking melodies of Los Angeles based musician this coming Tuesday.

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