These days, it can be hard to come across a band with an original sound, even more so when that sound is comparable to new wave and post punk artists from across the Northern Sea. Rotterdam-based band, Rats on Rafts, are one of the  few exceptions to this predicament – creating a currently unparalleled mixture of many before them. The comparison might be unnecessary, but it’s hard not to notice the influence of early Joy Division, The Fall, and even Gang of Four. That being said, there’s more to them than nostalgia. They’re not trying to pretend they’re the first ones doing this, and they’re not trying to please you either.

Rats on Rafts were discovered in their earlier days (in 2005) by Rotterdam-based Tocado Records, which didn’t last long,  before giving another Dutch label – Subroutine – the chance to release The Moon Is Big in 2011. Tape Hiss is quite a journey away from The Moon Is Big, straying away from pop-punk or anything that could be type casted as such. An unrelenting, unapologetic form of expression is seemingly the message this go-around. An all analogue album explores their dissatisfaction with our digitalized world, using such levels of vigor and savagery that it’s almost impossible to mistake. Recording and producing the album on their own (along with the co-production of Subroutine Records) allowed them to have more distinct control over what they were producing and how they wanted to be perceived. The album was released yesterday Kurious/Subroutine Records and worldwide via Fire Records.

These guys have been one of our favourite live bands to date; often touring around the Netherlands, we’ve caught up with them a couple of times and each instance provided a certain contagious energy – the kind you feel when passion and dedication are combined. Their performances serve as something as an influence for what a live show should provide – a feeling, a movement.

Rats on Rafts will come to ACUD MACHT NEU on Monday October 19th.

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