Sean Nicholas Savage’s upcoming album, Bermuda Waterfall, was said to be written while touring in 2013; supplying a plethora of feelings transcribed from the pages of Savage’s written world, while painting an image of himself torn between forever wandering and the hope for a long lost timeless love. Savage’s overpowering voice is complimented with tight beats and melody streams sailing in the background, dusted with purposely profound and dramatic lyrics. These emotionally descriptive lyrics give the imagery of a person psychically free, while terribly trapped within his own torment of hopes within a hopeless dream. Sean found his sound on his previous album, Other Life, carrying on the longing stream of synth sounds into melodramatic heart beats. Songs like “Some Things Never Die”  give a lighter tone to the album with lyrics like ‘beautiful things like you and I’ provide a heavy contrast to the more dramatic tone of “Empire” lyrics like  ‘beacons of passion in the empire of doom’. 
Two voices create a space between two sounds existing in partnership with each other.
Bermuda Waterfall is out May 12th on Arbutus Records.