Last week we met up with Lubomyr Melnyk, the acclaimed pianist exploring what he calls continuous music. Pressed for space and time, we ended up sitting in the stairway of the Roter Salon. The red walls and the makeshift made a great setting for interesting conversation.

F: You play something you call continuous music. What is this form to you?

LM: Continuous music has two sides, the actual physical activity of playing the piano and the beauty of experiencing the sound of the music. Continuous music is a great release for the individual, pianist. You can just be yourself.

F: What is the result of playing continuous music?

LM: It’s a special energy generated inside of you. It’s like Tai-Chi, yet it’s very artistic and musical.

F: When were you first attracted to piano?

LM: I began making up music as a child. Piano has always been a part of my life. When I started doing continuous music, it became my life completely.

F: What does it mean for you to make music?

LM: It’s like drawing a straight line, you start at a point and you end at a point but that line continues forever. Continuous music is like that, it only exists where you draw it. The point where you start is one type of starting point, but that line continues in both directions.

F: Does your music have any connection to your dreams?

LM: No, however recently I have experienced dreaming as I’m playing. And I never did that before. I think each individual will do something a little bit different. That’s’ the beauty of life, each musician will take the music in a slightly different realm; create a new flower, different colour.

F: Tonal dimension is important for your music, what do you think of this process of digitization?

LM: Digital is very unnatural. I adhere to the natural; the physical and metaphysical, all things natural. Food, life should be natural. This digitalization of our lives is very very dangerous. We eventually won’t be able to do anything without the approval of a digital checkmark. The world is heading that way.

F: So then where do we find freedom?

LM: You have to turn off your computer more often and for a lot longer. You have to stop using all this social media and just try to live your own life. Think your own thoughts without having a white chord plugged into your ears all the time.