Tomorrow evening Music Pool Berlin is having an artist meetup in Neuköln. Heiners bar is hosting the event. The goal of the evening is to connect creatives and share projects. Eight artists will have ten-minute individual spots to present their work. Attendents are asked to listen and perhaps provide feedback. Music Pool wants to build a sense of community by coming together to hear each other’s work.

Events like these are part of the reason why this community is so collaborative. In our experience, creatives here in Berlin are eager to exchange ideas and team up on new projects. Music Pool is an organization that hopes to initiate these interactions. They connect musicians both with each other and with other resources in the city. It is their aim to help musicians make a living with their music. They sponsor workshops as well as provide information on educational opportunities. Their website has more information and is worth a look.

Hope to see you there tomorrow at 1930. Should be a night of great music and a chance to meet some up and coming talent. RSVP here.