Photo by Rune Hellestad
Seeing Bo Ningen live for the first time is a bit like your first acid trip – an experience you’re not going to forget anytime soon. Much like the latter, this eye-catching quartet delivers an engrossing experience that leaves the senses dazed and confused but oh-so satisfied. Born in Japan and disfigured in London, the skinny band members make a quirky first impression with their long black hair and equally long dresses. Any doubts one might have dissipate quickly as they embark on their brutal, all-encompassing sonic journey. Taigen Kawabe, the bass-wielding frontman of the band is your guide for the night and he takes no shortcuts and gives no quarter. As he wrestles his instrument in the most acrobatic of positions, his facial expression range from pure bliss to uncontrolled munching as the band behind him furiously waltzes on. Bo Ningen brings more to the table than just a wall of sound though – Woven in between the noisy textures, there’s a myriad of hypnotising strands to be discovered if you allow yourself to be engulfed in their unique mix of psychedelic rock and noisy kraut punk. Engulfed the crowd in the intimate Magnet club, was.
Check out Marie Schiller’s video for Slider via Nowness below, along with the video of a their live performance via Stolen Records.
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