Angling for the weird and the tragically hip, Sean Nicholas Savage’s new release, Bermuda Waterfall, skirts the line between marginalised meta-philosophy and perfectly crafted hooks. And so, with a pale face and a rigor-mortis grin gleaming out at the audience, Sean launched into a tight and strange-tinged set at the Privatclub—the staging of Bermuda Waterfall’s release and a testing ground for a full new band that from the start proved its worth. Oscillating between synth pop dance tracks like ‘The Rat’ and dark ballads like the haunting ‘Heartless’, Sean delivered smooth, four-part harmonies backed up by the reassuring E-drum kick, bass groove and calm synth and guitar lines. It wasn’t all perfect and it wasn’t all compelling; although the audience was certainly willing to give the benefit of the doubt given that Sean’s heartfelt lyrics and emotional outpouring aren’t an uncommon occurrence. Sean Nicholas Savage is now touring Europe to promote the new album.
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Watch his new video for ‘The Rat’ below: