We’re already familiar with Maggie Coker, the creative mind behind both Rag and Bone Man and Neukölln Schatzkarte, and today she has another great event to occupy our Saturday.
This afternoon’s gathering will be a pop-up style event hosting Accidental Concrete and Wildflowers. 
 Stunning soft formal arrangements and organic compliments will be contrasted by handcrafted concrete furniture and lighting pieces. Here are some words from all involved crews:
Accidental Concrete by Jonas Klock.  
‘In contrast to the long term planning environment of architectural projects, AC aims to investigate the physical qualities of materials like concrete and wood. Intrigued by the unforeseen outcomes when performing design iterations by hand, the building process harbours the possibility for unexpected results which become concrete in its integration with the design. All the products of Accidental Concrete are handmade and therefor unique. ‘
 ‘Wild Flowers is the creation of the highly creative and free spirited Jasmin Lünstroth. Jasmin is inspired by fields and landscapes, by stones , sticks, wood and the smell of herbs. She tries to do the opposite of tulips and roses and spends a lot of her spare time collecting old tools and vintage treasures.’
Happening now!!
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