Just in time for International Women’s Day – Berlin Feminist Film Week has opened it’s doors for an entire week to showcase the latest and greatest of women involved in film. The festival includes female directors, producers and actress’ that deserve acknowledgment, without isolating themselves or excluding men in the process. Several of the screenings involve women which play leading roles, portraying strong character and diversity.
The festival began yesterday and takes place until March 13th.
Screenings will be collectively shown at Kino Babylon, Queen Qotti and Villa Neukölln.
View the full schedule here.

“The mission of this film festival is to inspire, entertain and most importantly, pay tribute to all wonderfully talented, inspiring kick-ass women out there. The Berlin Feminist Film Week presents a week of films made by women mainly about other females. We seek to increase visibility for all femtastic filmmakers out there and highlight films with strong female characters.”