The Cannes Film Festival is going to be steamy this year. From Gaspar Noé, who is known for not releasing trailers, comes Love. This film is about anything but a classical depiction of the term. Love is expected to be an erotic exploration of a love triangle between a young woman a young man and another young woman creating a discussion of what is playful and what is dark about love. Cannes will be screening the 3D film at midnight and the full collection of NSFW posters can be seen here. Another anticipated film at Cannes this year is Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth. The director of La Grande Bellezza has submitted what looks to be a scenographically driven narrative – archetypal of his style. One still from the film depicts Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel facing the camera and observing blankly as a young woman slowly enters the hot tub they occupy. Youth also stars Jane Fonda, Rachel Weisz, and Paul Dano. Luckily for us Berliners, it won’t be surprising to see some of these films selected to have screenings during next year’s Berlinale.

View the trailer  for Youth below and visit the Cannes Film Festival 2015 website here.