No plans for tonight? Fortunately for you, one of Berlin’s most beloved streetwear stores, Wood Wood, will host a special book launch at their boutique in Mitte. Known for simplicity and urban style, the Danes will invite us all for free Heineken to celebrate the launch of a book called 
‘Damn Son Where Did You Find This?’ – which is harder than you would think to not write in all caps.
An exclusive press of 400 hand numbered copies are available, focusing on  the cover art of the modern U.S. hip hop mix-tape. The book is best described as:

‘ A visual world that reached unseen levels at the turn of the millennium, uncensored, unregulated and extreme, it is a the most anarchic of all genres of graphic design.’ 

The minds behind the book will be there to welcome us with open arms and have also made a hip-hop ‘mix-tape’ of sorts to mark the occasion.  

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