This week at Kino Arsenal Hong Kong Film Festival will  show a variety of Hong Kong based films – taking a retrospective look back onto more than a century of film in one of the most diverse film industries in the world. Better known to some as ‘Hollywood of the East’, many action films remain as a major export and crucial point in the film industry. Often intriguing and commonly confusing in several ways due to cultural differences, this film fest has great potential if you pay your cards right. Just make sure you choose wisely. Seven contemporary films will be shown including  Unbeatable – a classic about a world champion boxer who escapes to Macau to flee from loan sharks and stumbles upon a young fighter who just happens to want to become a champion boxer (how convenient..) Of course, he is taken under the wing of said boxing champion,
and you can just guess the rest..

On the other hand, The Way We Dance,  is the charming story of a girl who wants to escape her parents tofu factory while her first year of college begins and later turning to a street dance hip hop troupe,  explaining why this film is best described as ‘a low-budget street dance hip-hop Tai Chi film.’ We could go on and on with these film plots but maybe it’s better you just go and enjoy the magic of Hong Kong filmmaking yourself.
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