Girl by Lucy Dyson

Okay guys, let’s be honest. Given the recent slew of beautiful weather and great events we’ve been slacking off a bit but we’re back, and we have two amazing events that you should check out tonight. First up is Lucy Dyson’s solo exhibition at Das Gift.  Lucy is an Australian artist and director who has been Berlin-based for the past few years, mainly working with souped-up collages and other beautiful imagery and animation. She also recently finished up a video for Ray LaMontagne. Here’s what he says about her work:

“I first came across Lucy Dyson’s work through the video for Gemma Ray’s lovely song ‘Rescue Me.’ I was hooked immediately. Genius. I was instantly taken with her Terry Gilliam-esque use of layered, ragged cut-out images. To me that was the anchor. A familiar place for my imagination to leap from. But very quickly you realize that the narrative is taking you somewhere that you didn’t expect. It feels like you’re on a roller coaster in some weird circus of the psychedelic burlesque. And yet, underneath all that strange and beautiful imagery there’s this sense that she is truly emotionally invested in the storytelling. To me, it’s like she can see within a song some hidden fourth dimension, a dimension that you didn’t even know existed until she pulls aside the curtain and invites you in.”

Check out the Facebook event here.
Visit Lucy’s site here.

Furthermore, an indulgent line-up provided by Shameless/Limitless and Sameheads will start the weekend off as it should. Molly Nilsson and Sean Nicholas Savage are both back in town, plus DENA join in as well. This is going to be one to remember. Here’s some more info about the goings-on of the evening:
Doors: 22:30S/L: 22:30-00:00
DENA: 00:00-1:30
Molly Nilsson: 1:30-3:30
Sean Nicholas Savage 3:30-5:30

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More S/L here.