Photo by: Eric Gyamfi
As sunlight filters in though the window we’re listening to Moses Sumney repeatedly; a Los Angeles based artist who just released his EP, Mid City Island, yesterday. Raw vocals and unelaborate rhythm provide a simply beautiful soundtrack for enclosing warmth and the scent of blossoming trees floating through the air.
Here’s what he has to say about it:
‘I started making “Mid-City Island” in the fall, after a producer friend lent me an ’80s 4-track recorder and suggested I try recording myself before going into proper studio sessions. It was my first time recording myself, capturing songs immediately to cassette tape as I was writing them. I later decided it would be cool to share these ideas in their infancy so you can trace their development over time.

This project for me is about learning how to let go and share ideas that are raw, simple, and unfiltered. A lot of the parts are thus one-take and improvised. “Mumblin’,” which I recorded with my loop pedal connected to the tape machine, is completely made up on the spot and was only done once.

There’s a requisite honesty that comes with bedroom recordings. Thematically, the songs center around living alone in the middle of a big city like Los Angeles, finding the balance between isolation and over stimulation.’
Download Mid-City Island (for free) here.