This week, Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili will continue showing the performance of his latest work in collaboration with the Institut für Tanzwissenschaft, The Open Square. After moving to the Netherlands in 1991, Itzik has become a renowned choreographer, creating over 60 works and collaborating with several companies including France, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Israel as well as several other international collaborators.
Open to new techniques and alternative concepts, Galili’s productions facilitate a unique and particular style. Each work is full and dynamic, balancing linear dance with fluidity, and humor with aggression.
The Open Square in particular, examines shadow play and the balance between light and darkness. Masculinity and femininity are also questioned, and  the  use of costume manipulations are unconventionally impressive. You only have a few more chances to experience The Open Square. The last performances will be 10.04, 15.04, and 19.05. More info and tickets are available here.