Tonight at Astra Kulturhaus Psychic TV and Mona Mur & En Esch will be performing live. This show will surely boast some funky and obscure ballads as well as a stage presence that is rare to come across. Not only is Genesis P-Oorrigde well-known for their extreme stage personalities and innovative and provocative performance art but En Esch also engages in the unconventional on stage, a factor which played a significant role in Mona’ Mur’s initial desire to collaborate. 

Psychic TV was initially formed in London in 1981 after the group Throbbing Gristle came to an end. Performance artist Genesis P-Oorridge and video director Peter Christopherson were the original members of this experimental video art and music project in the 1980’s, however, PTV has had many different musicians and artists involved over the years. Frequent collaborators include: Monte Cazazza, David Tibet, and John Balance. After Christopherson left in 1984, PTV’s style evolved from post industrial to acid house and psychedelic rock, which PTV called ‘hyperdelic’ rock. It was during this time that they produced two fake compilations titled Jack The Tab and Tekno Acid Beat. After a series of transformations and different members joining and leaving PTV, they finally broke up in 1999. However, four years later Genesis P-Oorridge, who has been the only permanent member of PTV, returned to the stage under the guise of PTV3 with all new members in 2003.

Mona Mur & En Esch will be opening act and special guest for the evening. Hamburg-born vocalist, composer and sound designer Mona Mur began collaborating with German musician En Esch in 2007, however they have both had successful solo projects prior to this. Based in both New York and Berlin the duo has released two albums to date: 120 Tage: The Fine Art of Beauty and Violence (2009) and Terre Haute (2015) Their sound is best described as:

“unleashed drum loops and synthesizers, reckless feedback guitars and he signature vocals of two extraordinary vocalists create a blend of apocalyptic rock, techno, industrial, chanson, postpunk, avant-garde and melodrama, “half Marlene Dietrich, half Black Sabbath.”

This show should not be missed.


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