Puschen and Shameless/Limitless have generously lined up your Sunday/Valentine plans for you and perhaps your special other(s?). Sunday Fundays purports a solid track record with their previous events, which have featured artists such as, TOPS, Mac DeMarco, Juan Wauters, amongst others.

This Valentine’s Day edition of Sunday Funday will take place at Monarch and provides a space to belt out some of your guilty pleasures with a karaoke session provided by Johanna and Dayna, get your latest stick and poke tattoo (courtesy of Adrienne), and indulge in some tasty bites. As if that wasn’t already enough to peak your interest, Novella and Fake Laugh will be performing live.

London-based quintet Novella is sure to captivate you and your (tinder?) date with their ethereal harmonies and dreamy vocals that has been defined as “psychedelic dream pop.” Novella’s initial formation took place in 2010, when Hollie Warren (guitar and vocals), Sophy Hollington (guitar), and Suki Sou (bass) came together in Brighton through their shared taste in music and an affinity for sixties counterculture. Later additions include, lain Laws (drums) in 2011, and finally Isabel Spurgeon (keyboard) in 2014. After a brief period of absence, Novella released their debut album ‘Land’ back in May of last year, via Sinderlyn.

Check out lead single ‘Land Gone’ below:

Also joining Sunday Funday from London is Fake Laugh, which is the recording project of Kamran Khan and his three band members: Joe Davies (Drums), Hassan Anderson (Guitar), and Nason Neill (Bass). Kahn’s music has been described as “delicate guitar pop that seems equally influenced by 80’s groups like The Smiths, and the underwater guitar sounds of Mac DeMarco.” This sounds like an excellent combination to us.

Have a listen:

And for any of you tinder people out there, bring along a date and you may just get in for less.

Also, we suggest staying up to date on  move events planned by these two, which you can view via Puschen and Shameless/Limitless.

Time: Sunday 14th from 4-8 p.m.

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