Following Xavier Dolan’s run of award winning films, the young Quebecois director / actor has released something of a departure from his usual emotionally draining works. Tom à la Ferme (Tom on the Farm) is based on a play by Michel Marc Bouchard,  and without using an of his usual muses (other than himself) Xavier creates a film which is more accessible than most his prior works. Some people might say he’s selling out by going in this direction, but I seriously doubt he is looking for more attention. After being shown at Cannes film festival three years in a row, receiving several awards, and this year premiering at Venice Film Festival, I think he’s already had a lot of success for only being twenty-four years old.  The film follows Tom (Dolan) on his voyage out to his ex’s family’s home after the unexpected death of his boyfriend Guillaume;  eventually finding out that Guillaume’s sexuality was a closely kept secret from his parents by Francois, Guillame’s borderline psychotic brother. The level of suspense rises while observing the lengths Francois will go to to make certain that his brother’s false persona is kept in tact.
On another note: Dolan is currently working on his next project, Mommy, which hints at a darker story of a mother-son relationship – bringing us back to his more familiar style of films.