Are you still missing a few gifts for your friends and loved ones? With the pressure of holiday shopping and finding something that is original and unique, things can be a bit stressful. Fortunately, there are a few local designers and creators that have teamed up so make this experience a bit easier for you. Maybe you’re familiar with Un Autre VooD00 – Oryanne & Raphael – the minds behind the VooDoo Market, which showcases local designers every three months. Now that they have a permament space in Neukölln, they’re branching out to bring us a special holiday pop-up of local designers focused on women’s, men’s, children’s and home design. The pop-up is currently being held at the Bold room in Mitte. The concept is to create a connection with local designers, while selling and exhibiting handmade, locally designed and produced items. What’s important to mention is the concept of ‘slow shopping’  – taking time in thinking about who you’re supporting, where products come from and engaging in an experience you can feel good about. This year’s shop includes over forty sustainable Berlin-based designers including specialties in accessories, home decoration, fashion, jewellery, children’s clothing and more. For example, Mies Nobis features a new collection named HORN –  a beautiful collection of horn inspired shapes incorporating elements of wood and ceramic, alongside brass & silver. California Dreaming provides 70’s inspired hand-weaved macramé plant hangers, Antikapratika creates beautifully hand drawn ceramics and carved spoons (they’re both tattoo artists) and Broken Homme produces high quality leather boots. You have from today until tomorrow evening to visit the shop in Mitte, otherwise you can always stop by Un Autre VooDoo on Tellstrasse for great gifts year-round.

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More info about their current list of designers here.