Another successful Vintage and Designer Market has come and gone and we had the pleasure of stopping by for some beautiful clothing, delicious drinks, sultry music, and tasty treats!
As the afternoon sun filtered into the massive studio windows, sellers began to hang up their selection of vintage designers (think Pierre Cardin, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent..) 
and local designers unpacked a selection of their unique pieces. 
Gradually an abundance of guests came trickling in, sauntering around and observing the selection of beautiful vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind designs. There was the usual selection of stalls, with an additional ten extra sellers to fill the massive loft, bringing the total to thirty. Soon after, there was an array of mingling guests, and satisfied customers. Everything from distressed denim jackets, woven leather tops and antique jewelry to vintage sequined dresses and old school watches were included. I think out of all of Plaisir’s Vintage and Designer Markets so far, this was a highlight. 
The bright, open space was welcoming yet industrial, the layout and design of the market itself was friendly for the guests, plus the selection was amazing! 
We can not wait until the next..such a special event!
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