What the Weekend is Gallery is  a group show organized by The Art Union happening this weekend. The event name is a clever response to Berlin’s official gallery weekend, which is happening simultaneously. The group show aims to exhibit urban contemporary art from a range of artists working here in Berlin. While the official gallery weekend will show more conventional contemporary art, What the Weekend Is Gallery will broaden the spectrum of what’s on view.

What the Weekend Is Gallery will take on the Berlin landscape, exhibiting both in public and in galleries. The goal is to show works as simply and purely as possible, without implications of themes or specific representation. These artists are a diverse group, hailing from countries all over the world. They are also quite young, most of them barely into their thirties.

Urban Spree is a partner of the exhibition. They provide a space for interdisciplinary art, music, and performance. Their response to gallery weekend reflects their mission of diversity and aim to represent the many voices here in Berlin. The Art Union is curating the event. They too believe in representing a range of artists. The union’s goal is connect artists with their viewers and the market at large. Events like What the Weekend Is Gallery represent their desire to create real life connections between people participating in the art world.

The works will show Friday from 12-19 and Sunday 12-18 at the Urban Spree. There will be an opening on Thursday at 19:00 providing another opportunity to check out what’s on view. The Facebook event claims that most of the artists will be present- could be a cool opportunity to meet the individuals behind some interesting work.

Our Thursday is double booked: Sentimental magazine is having a launch party for their second issue. The Black Lodge in Neuköln will host the event starting at 20:00. Publication #2 follows Sentimental’s distinct yet conscious aesthetic. RSVP here. Hopefully you can get to both!