Who are we?

FAME is a creative platform focused on exhibitions, events and workshops featuring local and international artists. The founding members, Eden Van Den Bogaard, Sanja Brkanovic and Rhianne McNally have been involved with Berlin’s evolving innovative culture for over three years. The content included on the FAME website spans two years and covers several of the major cultural and artistic events in Berlin over that time. Currently we are working on developing FAME into an e.V. in order to establish ties with the local arts community in the form of public events and community outreach.


What do we do?

The FAME Berlin model has a far spanning reach and promotes community building and collaboration among artists and creatives in Berlin. FAME’s mission statement is to provide an open canvas where international and local artists based in Berlin can connect and collaborate. The space will function on a member basis, open to the public, in which all members are invited to participate and contribute . Naturally, these offerings will also be open to non-members. Our emphasis is primarily on artists with connection to fashion, art, music, and entertainment – which extends to everything from film, dance, theatre and several other fine arts. Eventually we will also be interested in providing art therapy and artistic and curatorial residencies at our space in connection with local artists.


The FAME Founders

Eden Van Den Bogaard

 Executive Director / Curator

Sanja Brkanovic


Rhianne McNally