F: We hear you’ve been Berlin based since the summer. How does it compare to living in Montreal?  Do you have any favourite spots you want to share with us?
DB: I’ve been living here since last December (God,  do I hate winter and why do I always move around this time…) 
It’s actually very similar to Montreal to a certain extent, just on a bigger and wider scale in terms of population diversity. The language factor puts you in a social disadvantage where you feel a bit isolated, but I’m used to that. In general Berlin has been great and I love being here meeting people from all walks of life. Berghain is great any time of the year, but mostly I just go to Freies Neukolln (neighborhood bar),  or Warschau, a nice cozy bar run by an old Polish lady who decorated the bar with various giant portraits of herself (in all different periords of her life) she doesn’t give a shit and thats why it’s great. Just go in and have a beer or two.  Chill. Or stay longer until she shows you the dungeon beneath the bar… 
F: You seem to move around quite a bit, what’s your favorite part of moving to a new city?
DB: Different scenaries provoke different ideas, but my favourite moment is when I absolutely don’t understand anything upon arrival and just get lost. Then you start learning a new set of skills to adapt and survive in this kind of new environment.
F: Your newest album is called Drifters/Love is the Devil, what inspired that name?
(How does the name relate to your personal experiences?)
DB: The titles are pretty self explanatory (no hidden meanings), the last three years of my life have taken the theme of “Drifting” to the next level, even by my standards. Just wanted to use very simple language to communicate a very difficult barrage of emotions that I felt when I was writing/recording the album, especially when it’s presenting a complex range of personal shit. Felt like direct was the best approach, hence the simplicity of it.
F: You also have an album named Badlands. Are you familiar with the film by Terrence Malick by the same name?
Does it have any connection?
DB: No, it was actually more inspired by a Bruce Springsteen song with the same title. 
F: When Terrence talks about (the film) Badlands, he mentions that “Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; it can drown out anything.” Do you think that your music is nostalgic?
DB: I think Badlands definitely plays on the idea of nostalgia and how it can exorcise ghosts,  or unrest feelings. In my personal experience, I was finally able to communicate to my father and make him understand why music is so important to me (he hated everything I did before because it was too “artsy fartsy”) but with Badlands, he understood the message/homage I tried to relay to him, about his early years as a trouble maker, and the teenage dream he once had about becoming a singer. I don’t think the other music in my catalog is particularly nostalgic (check out my discography that can be streamed for free here yo: http://dirtybeaches.bandcamp.com/)
 I’m just a dude trying to document various stages of his own life.
F: Can you tell us about a moment or memory that’s nostalgic for you? 
DB: Ooooh more nostalgia questions. Let me see, oh yeah I remember being in ESL and was called a ‘chink’ and got jumped by racists and got the shit kicked outta me and I couldn’t really speak English when I first immigrated to North America. Gosh, how I miss those days…ain’t life grand?
F: Could you share some of your current obsessions in relation to fashion, art, music or entertainment? 
 DB: Over the last year I discovered the paintings and illustrations of Walasse Ting. His paintings had this neon explosion of colors with a reoccurring theme of tropical birds, women and flowers. I became obsessed with those images. He also lead a pretty interesting life, drifting from Shanghai to Hong Kong, then to Paris, New York, and Amsterdam. Film wise, I recently saw ‘A Touch Of Sin’ by Jia Zhangke, I’ve been following his films for a few years now and it was cool to see him take on somewhat of a “genre” film, in his own way. Highly recommend it, if you haven’t seen it yet. The film was inspired by real life stories that went viral in China on Weibo. (China’s hybrid equivalent to Facebook/ Twitter) 
I don’t really know shit about fashion, but my friend Cara Swift in Portland, Oregon designs amazing beautiful jewelry and I recently bought a bracelet for someone special from her.  
They are really fucking beautiful.  
Check them out here.
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Nudes and Parrots by Walasse Ting