If you Google ‘Infinite Bisous’ you’ll most likely end up at a Facebook page of an artist who casually mentions his aunt doubles as his manager and a rarely updated Soundcloud. As far as sound is concerned, you’ll find understated vocals in a soft whisper complimented by wonky melodies and funky intermittent twangs, reminiscent of something between Connan Mockasin and Homeshake. Recently we caught up with this seemingly mysterious character to ask about who he is, where he is and what he’s up to..
F: How would you describe yourself?
IB: Shallow
F: Do you have a nickname?
IB: Crisps
F: Where did the name Infinite Bisous come from?
IB: When I first went to France I was so happy about this trend of kissin’ eachother all day, I wanted to be smothered in ’em.
F: Would you consider yourself a romantic?
IB: See above.
F: Where are you currently based?
IB: I’m in Paris.
F: Tell us about Tasty Morsels..
IB: Tasty Morsels is all of my favourite people in one place, free to do whatever they want to do. It’s not really a label, but we’re slowly getting a library of music we all love.
F: What do you have planned for 2015?
IB: I’m going to release an Infinite Bisous record.
F: Who are you listening to lately?
IB: I’m making another record at the moment, when I’m doing that it’s hard to listen to much else, which probably sounds self-centred, and it is.
F: What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?
IB: I don’t really remember watching many, but at an airport the other day I caught a little bit of Peppa Pig, which was great. The drawings are nice.
F: Do you have any ‘guilty pleasures’?
IB: Probably shouldn’t be guilty about things you get pleasure from, otherwise you end up with a load of fetishes… I suppose that’s fun too.
F: If you weren’t making music what do you think you’d be doing?
IB: I don’t know, I’m pretty useless.
F: What was the last thing you ‘Googled’? 
IB: I’m staying with Connan (Mockasin)’s family in New Zealand, last night we Googled ‘death by dutch oven’ because Connan’s dad told us to.

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