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Lange Nacht der Bilder: Garden installation “Mutant“ in the Garden of Mies van der Rohe
(Image: Renate Wolff, Photo: Wita Noack)

The Lange Nacht Der Bilder – in literal and (slightly underwhelming) translation, “Long Night of Images” – enjoyed its 8th run this past Friday, October 2nd, this time in Lichtenberg. The event is a community-wide showcase of artists, performers, and galleries, whose works and spaces are opened and made welcome to the public. This year was no different, as the HB 55 factory and other neighborhood studio spaces transformed themselves into free-form labyrinths of artist walks, talks, and viewings. 

But the charm of this kind of evening transcends increased public access to art and studio space alone: it’s the artists we care about, and to the degree that their studios are of interest, it´s because they provide (an at least tiny bit voyeuristic) glimpse into the inner workings of their process. What do they look at, read, and observe for inspiration? Are they quixotic dreamers whose studios are wrecked chambers of shapes, objects, and artifacts? Or neat freaks perhaps? What sort of cereal do they eat?

HB 55 was full of such opportunities for personal resonance and encounter. Mathieu Wateau, a custom guitar and banjo maker, kicked off the evening with a workshop in the ins and outs of hand-made banjo production, within his very own homey atelier.  We found Rufus Dayglo – the English comic book artist – and reveled at his treasury of comic, animation, and video game art. Tina Hopp offered a close viewing of her new and ever-haunting works. Finally, the cosmic melancholy of Lotte Günther´s open-air installation – “Meander” – was a fixture and haven to return to again and again throughout the evening, rounding out the long night.

For more information about the Lange Nacht der Bilder, go here.