Transmediale- one of Berlin’s most impressive festivals began last week, hosting several huge parties to celebrate the occasion. CTM- a festival of adventurous music and arts-  features some of the more sought after concerts of Berlin’s music scene, and several ‘wunderkinds’ in the art realm.  The 14th edition of the festival has a fitting theme: The Golden Age. They describe it to be a sort of revolution in the music and art sector – which Berlin already has a reputation for.
It’s best described by the organization:
‘Against this backdrop, today’s music displays a greater diversity than ever before, and is therefore increasingly stretching the limits of differentiation, genre ascriptions, and the capacities of human perception. No longer constrained by canons, technological barriers, or gatekeeper authorities, and supported by the infinite flexibility of digital technologies and endless inspiration sourced from open archives, this “anything goes” situation fosters what appears to be a paradisical flowering of fully realised creative potential. Never before in the history of civilisation have curious listeners found themselves confronted with such a variety of sounds, colours, textures, temporalities, methodologies, approaches, and objectives – and all the contradictions, contrasts, and paradoxes these imply. And never before have they so willingly opened their ears.’
 There’s lots going on during the festival – from exhibitions, workshops,screenings,  make sure to check out the program here.